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The Team

Who We Are

Mark Barth

I like to keep things simple & efficient.

Character & integrity matter in my home life and in my work.

Growing up in the midwest, we endure some of the harshest weather in the country.  Products installed stand the test of time and endure the elements.  My goal is to bring my knowledge of that market nationwide.

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Randy Prather

I have been in this business for 19 years, knowing and building homes from ground up. I wanted to be an expert in one area of the process and exteriors is where I landed knowing that in order to protect your large investment and your family, the exteriors of your home is where everything starts.

I always strive for the best solution in every situation and to always be known as your contractor never just a contractor.


Production Team


Paul Hofmann

My focus is in the details. Being in logistics for 12 years and restoration field for the past five. I strive for our clients and team to have a smooth/ successful process from start to finish. Creating material orders, to having the best crew onsite for the job. While working with every client to accommodate your needs and to ensure FOREVER satisfaction. My family and I would just like to say “Good day from the North Woods.” I look forward to working with you on your upcoming project. Have a Blessed day.

Customer Support Team

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Leigha Addis

I was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin. I have 2 kiddos, a 5 year old and a 1 year old.  I also have a mini farm that I care for including a dog (Alaskan malamute), a cat, a turkey (yes, you read that right), and many many goldfish. I have a Bachelors of Science in criminal justice and a minor in business administration. I have served as a probation and parole agent for the State of Wisconsin for the past 2 years really enhancing my communication and empathy skills.


I hope to form great relationships with our customers and complete all jobs in a proficient and timely manner. We look forward to working with you!


Sheri Connor Hudson

Throughout my life, from Wisconsin ~ Dallas ~ Chicago ~ Denver ~ Washington DC, all of my career choices had something in common - Integrity & Honesty.

Now, at the “peak” of my life (with my husband, grown kids and many grandkids) FOREVER Exteriors is a perfect match, as Integrity & Honesty are just some of the many qualities that set them above others.


Not only do they include my favorite ethics in their everyday business, they love and encourage time spent with family! I am thrilled to be a part of the team!

  Wisconsin Team

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Jake & Jennifer McMahon

 Having a combined experience of over 30 years in the customer service industry for both exteriors and interiors we understand the complexity and sometimes even the frustration that comes along with making improvements to our most valued asset, our homes. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most painless and stress free experience possible by offering the best products on the market and having them installed by our highly skilled and experienced professionals.

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Jocelynn German

Exteriors are something I have become really passionate about over the past year. Helping homeowners improve the quality of their homes and making the process fun and enjoyable is what I love to do. Customer service is something  we take a lot of pride in. From the first phone call you make with our company to five years after the project is done you can count on us to treat you life family. I’m proud to work with a company that has high standards and values.

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Alejandro Itehua

As the newest member of the Wisconsin team, I am very excited to share my passion for helping people. I’ve called Wisconsin my home for the past 23 years and have learned the importance of hard work and integrity. It is a pleasure to work for a company that shares those values and a vision of protecting what we’ve worked so hard to get while adding value and peace of mind to our homes. I look forward to sharing this experience with my community.

También hablo español. Ayudar a la comunidad latina es muy importante para mi. Quiero ayudar a su familia a tener la mejor calidad y experiencia con todas sus necesidades exteriores de casa. Estoy aquí para servirles.

Max Bryan

 I grew up in Northwest Wisconsin and am proud to continue to call this beautiful state home.  My
wife and I married in 2008 in Shell Lake and now have two wonderful children.  I love helping people. I have 7 years of direct customer service experience and am excited to work for a company that cares so much about their clients.

FOREVER Exteriors holds the same core values that I have lived as a U.S. Army veteran. These shared values include loyalty, duty, respect, honor, selfless service, and integrity. It's easy to stand behind the quality products we use, knowing our customers will be completely satisfied with their new exterior. I look forward to working with you and can't wait to meet your home exterior needs.

 Georgia Team


Seth Reaves

Honesty and transparency are traits that I value, both as a family/person and a contractor. Having lived in Georgia my whole life, I am proud to help homeowners protect their property in the community. I want to continue helping homeowners with knowledge of protective materials to better the integrity of their property.


Jacob Harrison

Born an raised in Georgia. I am home grown. I graduated from Riverside Military Academy. I married my high school sweetheart and we have on incredible son.Honor, courage and commitment are the core values in which I live by. They have been instilled in me since serving as a U.S. Marine. I promise to help and guide my community, by providing them with an everlasting forever exterior.        ⁃       Semper Fidelis

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Will Tuten

I’ve been living in Georgia for just over 11 years. I strive to achieve long lasting relationships with my customers through the use of communication, good service, and trust. I put customer service at the forefront of my business, and I enjoy making others happy by making sure they get the most out of the FOREVER experience!


Paul Chippendale

Originally from the U.K, my family moved to Georgia in 2010.  Upon relocation, I continued working in the construction industry in which I’ve worked for over 20yrs.

Honesty and integrity are values I live by personally and professionally.

I work hard to make sure each customer is happy and every job is completed in a timely and professional manner.

My wife & I currently reside in Sugar Hill, GA with our 3 sons.

I am excited to be a part of the FOREVER family!

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Coming Soon!


Blake Harvey

I was born and raised in Georgia.  I’m engaged to be married to a wonderful women and we are raising two amazing children, I have been in the roofing and insurance business since 2017 and have enjoyed every minute. Excited to work for a company like FOREVER Exteriors who share the same passion for helping people as I do.


Jeff McCann

New to the Georgia area , West Virginia raised and looking forward to establish a lasting relationship with the roofing sales industry. As part of the Georgia team it is my goal to provide you, the customer with the best quality of work for your home. It is our missions to exceed and ensure the well-being of the customers essential needs. It is a honor to work along the great team of FOREVER Exteriors Family. 


Josh Haley

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Coming Soon!

I’ve Lived in GA most my life and I spent the better half of a decade making a living in the hospitality industry.  By paying attention to the details and finding a way to give everyone I came across an amazing experience, I eventually got really good at finding out what was important to people and what mattered most.  It eventually led me into selling real estate for a few years which gave me the opportunity to continue to become even better at figuring out what was important to my clients and making it happen. 


Joining the team at FOREVER Exteriors aligned perfectly with what I had already mastered over the years and I feel blessed to be able to keep doing what I love with a company that wants to leave their customers with a product and experience they will remember forever.

  North Carolina Team


Garett VanWormer

As an outgoing and genuine person, I love to work with and help people.  My goal is to ensure you understand your current exterior products.  Innovations in exterior systems are constantly changing. We strive to be up-to-date on the recent restoration market changes.  We want you to be satisfied and secure in the place you call home.
It all starts with excellent communication.  As a field representative, you see me from the initial point of contact all the way to the end.  I will take you through our step-by-step process, coordinate and manage your project, make sure everything is done right, and every detail is accounted for.

Karl Bloom

Trustworthiness and integrity are values I am very passionate about bringing to friends, family, and clients. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable, well informed, and completely satisfied with your Forever Exterior from start to finish. I strive to educate homeowners in The Triangle area, and members of the surrounding communities on exterior services. We start with a step by step process of our services, and proceed with our expert knowledge  of the highest quality exterior materials. Together, we find the best solution to protect the integrity of your home.


Jeremy George

Originally from Moore County North Carolina.  I am very familiar with the ever changing weather here. I'm a proud father of my wonderful 8 year old daughter.  With having 24 years in the customer relations/hospitality industry (including 5 of those years in home exterior restorations) I can empathize with you and your family's needs. 

I'm knowledgeable with the insurance process and educated on the materials and the construction of your forever exterior.  These traits offer you a stress free experience with a number one brand you can trust. Our free roof analysis that we offer, allows you to see current Issues that need to be addressed immediately or in the future  Most homeowners aren't aware of damage until it's too late.

Seth Chippendale

I moved here 12 years ago with my family from the UK. My dad has been in the industry for as long as I can remember, so I am very familiar with the home assessment and job site side of things.

This job really allows me to explore my opportunities and experience every aspect of the industry. Learning to meet new people and guiding them through this long and confusing process is what I do, making it super easy on you so you don’t have to worry.

I love this team, and will FOREVER be a part of it!!

Media & Marketing Team


Shara Barth

I was created to create.  I have loved every minute creating with FOREVER Exteriors. 

Art has been my lifelong passion.  Whether it be pencil & paint, graphic design or video editing, I find inspiration and beauty in the every day.

Working alongside my husband, I respect the integrity, efficiency, attention to details and the heart for people that FOREVER stands for.  I strive to showcase that in any and all things that carry our FOREVER Exteriors brand.

It’s been an honor to highlight the masterpiece that is FOREVER Exteriors.


Joshua Robery

     I am most happy when I'm creating, doesn't matter what medium.  I always find joy in making something out of nothing and seeing the joy it creates in people.


My family of 4 moved to Colorado back in 2013, and have been raising our two kids just outside Denver.  My wife has been my number one supporter, and we have done our best to instill patience and encourage a creative atmosphere in a Christ centered household.


I am so thrilled to be a part of the FOREVER team, and humbled to join the media and marketing team.


I look forward to what the future holds and what we all can create together!

Our FOREVER FLEET is growing!  New team members coming soon

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