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"I've never had anyone take a look at my roof.  
How long does a roof typically last?"

Most roofs are made of asphalt shingles.  These type of shingles degrade over a 10-30 year time frame. However, other components of the roof do not last as long.   Components such as pipe boots, ridge cap, and ventilation. Most metal and wood shake roofs last 20-50 years with regular up-keep and a detailed maintenance program. If you would like a roof inspection, we are happy to take a look. For those that need a roof replacement, FOREVER roofs are designed to be the last roof you will ever need.  After installation of our FOREVER roofing systems, let us do the work.  We are happy to come inspect your roof regularly to ensure it lasts a lifetime. ​

"How long does common siding typically last?"

Most siding on the market will last 20-40 years.  The length it will last depends on the type of siding installed and how well it has been maintained.  Without proper care, siding will not last 40 years.  We regularly come across siding that is less than 20 years in age and needs full replacement.  If your current siding needs to be replaced, there are MUCH better options out there.  Some that require little-to-no maintenance.  Us at FOREVER strive to install what is best for the longterm.  We are thrilled to replace siding with quality products designed to last.  We offer our maintenance packages to ensure your siding stays in great condition throughout the years. 

"I have an older home.  
How long do most gutters last?"

Most gutters are made out of aluminum or steel.  These materials, when cared for, can last between 20-50 years.  Gutters are a feature on a home that are often overlooked and can be in poor condition.  Older steel gutters most likely need to be replaced. We believe properly installed gutters are integral to the health of all aspects of a home. We are happy to take a look and ensure the gutters on your home are functioning properly.   Here at FOREVER, we install maintenance-free gutter systems that direct water properly. 

"I haven't paid much attention to the condition of my home recently. 
How often do I have to maintenance my home?"

A good rule of thumb is to have your home exteriors inspected every 3-5 years.  As a home ages, some prefer to have it inspected annually.  Roofs and siding should also be inspected after any large storms in your area.  FOREVER clients need not worry.  We offer scheduling of these inspections, along with maintenance packages to ensure our FOREVER clients are well cared for.  We are happy to schedule regular inspections or come by after a storm hits your home to ensure your home stays in the best condition.

Insurance Claims

Let us handle the insurance process from A to Z


Has a recent storm struck your home or business?

Are you leaning towards calling your insurance company to file a claim?

FOREVER Exteriors can assist you through that process. 



*Not all damages are worthy of filing a claim.  The very first step is to have your home or business fully assessed to confirm whether or not it merits a claim. 


*FOREVER Exteriors is happy to handle insurance claims.  We will be there for you every step of the process; starting from your free roof and exterior inspection to meeting with your insurance adjuster,


*Relationships are everything to us; We have built a great reputation with the insurance carriers by being professional and knowledgable.


*The claims process can be very difficult and most times overwhelming , so let FOREVER help you navigate and ensure your claim is handled properly.

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